One extraordinary neighborhood market.

Photo collage of Phil's Uptown Meat Market

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what the Oregonian says about us:

“There’s the deli counter in back, where you can pick up sandwiches and hot dishes to go. And who can resist the gleaming copper espresso machine by the front entrance (coffee and meat — why not)? Or the barbecue outside, where the aromatics will make you salivate even if you’ve just eaten? (Established in 1979, Phil’s was Portland’s first purveyor of the sizzling-kebab lunch we call bento.)

But what many shoppers — even regulars — don’t realize about this butcher is that it is also a well-stocked bottle shop. It’s possible to browse here without even noticing the stairwell that descends into a dramatically lit cellar boasting cool slate floors, warm wood shelving and an eye-opening selection of wines.”